Our Vision

We will begin with the authentic Indian embroidered designs on shoes that our past generations have been familiar with. But we want to build off of this foundation and gain inspiration from a diverse range of perspectives not endemic to the Punjab region and not restricted to embroidered shoes alone. We will provide a range of products such as clothing, handbags, and scarves that are not to be restricted to our own familiar personal upbringing in northern India, but conceived from an amalgamation of ideas and perspectives that grow through our travels through the likes of villages in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan, tribes in the Congo, Amazonian communities, and beyond! We aim for the diversity of our products to reflect the diversity of our consumer base. Customers may range from young girls who want something casual but at the same pretty trendy; young women who desire items that they could wear to work, movies, dates as well as formal events; mature women who like subtle but lively designs. In order to further broaden the spectrum of options which will appeal to the diverse marketplace we aim to satisfy, the customer will be provided the option to add personalized designs to their orders, which will make the product they order truly one of a kind.

Our Story

Ind Kooner‒the namesake for our business‒was a loving grandmother who had truly lived a remarkable life highlighted by the attainment of a stable family business and the accomplishments of her children and grandchildren. But she had suffered through whole host of family tragedies and untimely loss of loved ones and property through war, political unrest, and religious persecution. What made her such a role model and source of inspiration to those she left behind in the family‒along with the great-grandchildren she never even met‒was how she dealt with and rebounded from such a litany of adversity and managed to provide a comfortable living and strong education for all three of her children. Her life has served as a guiding light for our family upon starting a completely new life in the United States in the late-1980s. This was an especially tumultuous decade for us in which we had not lost our family business, but Ind Kooner herself, her husband, and her Son-in-law Gurcharan Sangha‒the family patriarch‒just weeks after he had gained American citizenship and planned on helping build a new life with his children and grandchildren. Since then we have worked to raise her great-grandchildren and provide them with the knowledge, support, and confidence they need to pursue their dreams and passions and contribute to Ind's legacy. Now that this generation has reached adulthood we have decided to again start a new chapter in our lives and rebuild a business in Ind's memory, as a justice to the fact that one of her last memories had been the loss of her own business.


Our Mission

Our aim from a strictly business standpoint is to create unique designs in shoes and other clothing items inspired by our Indian heritage, travels, and interactions with people of a diverse range of perspectives and cultures. But our larger mission as a family is to help women and children who are homeless, possess tattered clothing, do not have a reliable source of food, and lack access to health care. We are going to employ women and men who have suffered through such squalid conditions to sew clothing, shoes, and create other items. We are going to give them a place to live in our farm house; in addition to that, we are going to provide them with food, clothing, and a stable salary which is supplemented by our own harvest. As interest and demand for our products increase, we are going to give these workers 10% of the profit we make on our sales. Once we have accumulated enough revenue from our business, our family will build a community in our farm that will house these women, men, and their children. We will have a school for the children, a medical dispensary with a doctor on call, and a live in nurse. Others not employed by us in our business could work on the farm and contribute to the harvest.